Department Head

Mrs. Robin Konrad


Program of Studies



The music program offers a wide variety of individual and group listening, creating, and performing opportunities on a totally elective basis. Music provides students with opportunities to participate in a number of performances as a member of a variety of dynamic and active groups. A broad range of courses provides instruction in instrumental and choral settings, theory, music history, appreciation, and contemporary elements of music. These courses will enable students to experience group interaction and to develop a sense of dedication and commitment through music.

Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts program is designed for both the student who is interested in developing their artistic range for purposes of personal expression and the student who intends to pursue a career in theatre. In conjunction with Drama Club activities, students are able to explore all fields of theatre work.

Visual Arts

In the visual arts area, a wide range of coursework is designed to develop an understanding of art, art production, cultural diversity, art history and creative problem solving. The Elements and Principles of Art and Design are emphasized in the curriculum for all art courses. Students interested in careers including architecture, fine and commercial art, photography, and crafts will find it useful to take as many art courses as possible. Individuals critique their own work and work of peers to establish confidence and understand assessment. Art courses may be used for personal satisfaction as well as for acceptance to art schools or colleges.