WHS C.E.E.B. School Code: 070751
(you'll need the code on SAT and College applications!)


Attention Students and Parents
To keep abreast of the upcoming changes to the PSAT and SAT please sign up for the updates from College Board at the following website: www.deliveringopportunity.org

Naviance Link

Please note that many of the items previously included on our web page will now be located at the Naviance website. Here you will find the College and Career Search tools, Senior Forms, Scholarships, Enrichment and Summer programs, and contact information. If you do not yet have your Naviance access code, please contact your School Counselor. Why Naviance?  Click Here

Guidance Staff
Agosto Thomas 9774697  TAgosto@stamfordct.gov Career Center
Andrews Joseph 9775514  JAndrews2@stamfordct.gov Main Office
Bunn Ashley 9775992  ABunn@stamfordct.gov Main Office
DeLuca Carole 9774501  CDeluca@stamfordct.gov Career Center - Department Head
Dunsmore Melissa 9775747  mdunsmore@stamfordct.gov Main Office
James Dinie 9774503  DJames@stamfordct.gov Main Office
Marchesani Mark 9775750  mMarchesani@stamfordct.gov Career Center
Midy Mindy 9774499


Career Center
Milas Spiro 9775748  SMilas@stamfordct.gov Career Center
Mitchell Christine 9774431  CMitchell3@stamfordct.gov Career Center
Ochoa Paola 9774483  pOchoa@stamfordct.gov Main Office
Stepkoski Thomas 9775535  TStepkoski@stamfordct.gov Career Center