Department Head

Department Head


Mr. Michael Capriotti

(203) 977-5619

Math Department:

(203) 977- 4489

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Appel, Arlene  
Ashkin, Ellen Ms. Ashkin's Site
Capriotti, Michael Mr. Capriotti's Site
D'Arrigo, Jen  
Fernandez, Oswaldo  
Garcia, Roberto Mr. Garcia's Site
Khetan, Vibha  
Kieffer, Sally  
Malagisi, Anamaria  
Manning, Catherine Ms. Manning's Site
Manzino, Georgianna  
O'Brien, Sharon  
Ojha, Govind  
Saleh, Hanna  
Sarkar, Chandan Mr. Sarkar's ​Site
Scully, Patricia  
Tennent, Kristin  
Weintraub, Stephen  
Worley, Patricia  
Yu, Peter  


Program of Studies


The mathematics department is organized to develop and implement a curriculum that will give every graduate of Stamford Public Schools the knowledge, understanding, and skills they will need in mathematics to compete in the 21st century world economy.


Instruction is varied and includes teacher-centered, group work, inquiry-based, and individual learning. Interactive boards and graphing calculators are used extensively in every course. Most classes also include computer software applications and webbased resources.


Homework is given regularly and is expected to be completed. Tests and quizzes model homework and class-work. Both homework and assessments play a vital role in the teacher evaluation of a student.