2016 Summer Reading



Grade 9: Self-Discovery

Grade 10: Overcoming Challenges

Grade 11: Coming of Age in America

Grade 12: Finding Your Voice

AP English Language and Composition/ECE (11)

AP English Literature and Composition (12)


Sheltered English 10 - 12:  Adapting to Change


Click here to access the Stephen King PDF.


If you have any questions about the summer reading, please email Ms. Wheeler.



AP Calculus AB/BC summer packets are only available as a hardcopy in the main office and are not posted online.  

There is no summer packet for CP Calculus.


Computer Science

  • Summer assignments for Computer Science classes are found onwesthillcs.com

AP Environmental Science

This summer, you will be required to complete the following assignment to cover basic skills. If you have any questions, email will be checked weekly throughout the summer. Please feel free to email Mrs. Grant (cgrant@stamfordct.gov) or Mrs. Porter-Collins (aportercollins@stamfordct.gov) with any questions.

  • Assignment #1: Environmental Current Event On the first day of school, Monday, August 31st, you are to bring in a current event that occurs over the summer related to environmental science along with a one page summary and reflection.
  • Assignment #2: Math and Analysis The math and analysis assignment is due the first day of school, Monday, August 31st You will be tested on your math skills on Wednesday, September 2nd (date subject to change due to schedule rotation).
  • Download the AP Environmental packet 


Summer Assignment ECE/AP Physics-1

Following is the summer work for ECE/AP Physics-1 students. Go to following link, watch videos, and take notes in a notebook. Watch at least first 20 videos and take one page notes for each of the 20 videos. Your notes will be counted as first test of the 1st Quarter.


AP US History

Task: The following terms are main concepts that will arise throughout the year. For each of the following terms you must provide a definition (content), the background/overview (contextualization), a comparison (synthesis), and an analysis (point of view). An example has been modeled for you.



AP World Assignment

You are required to complete all parts of this assignment for full credit This packet will be weighted as a Test Grade and count towards your 1st Quarter Average.  The Summer Assignment is broken up into two different parts: Part One – Basic Understanding and Part Two – World Maps


2015 Summer Reading


Summer Reading ALL Students:

AP English Summer Assignments 

Math Summer Assignments: 

Parents, please read the following flier to enroll your student in a free program to review the math he/she has learned this past year.  Students can enroll in any math program up to Algebra 2.​