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North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund
Sean Otterspoor

The Stamford Public Schools in partnership with the North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund is offering seniors who enroll in the General Construction - Emerging Technologies class the opportunity to earn credentials equating to the first year of a 4 year carpenter apprenticeship. The Pre-Apprenticeship includes the following:

  • Host visits to any of the carpenters training centers (Woodshop Fridays for Juniors)
  • Provide instruction and training to prepare participants to enter in the Carpenters Registered Apprenticeship Program
  • Involve employer and union partners in the assessment of applicants, delivery of training,and placing qualified graduates in industry-related employment and the carpenter union apprenticeship
  • Provide feedback on program components to ensure the needs of participants and align with industry standards
  • Students will be provided with the necessary tools for the first year, drug test fees, state registration fees and union initiation fees.
  • Students who meet eligibility requirements have the opportunity to transition into the work-based (co-op) portion of this program. The student will be able to work with one of the partner contractors, as a 1-year apprentice, at a rate of 45% of the journeymen wage as part of the Apprenticeship Program.
  • Upon graduation from High School and this program (both classes), the apprentice will be granted 1000 hours or (1-year credit) towards their 4-year Apprenticeship. This will amount to a participant earning an advancement up to a 2nd-year Apprentice, as specified in the Articulation Agreement, and command a wage of $19.56 and fringe benefits valued at $14.60 for a total compensation rate of $34.16 an hour. Next Adjustment anticipated for May 1, 2022