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Core Values and Beliefs

Westhill High School Core Values

Westhill High School values learning because it promotes academic excellence, civic responsibility, and personal growth. Our school encourages students to think creatively, work collaboratively, reason critically, and communicate effectively in order to be prepared for higher education and success in the 21st century.

Expectations & Beliefs about Student Learning

Beliefs about Learning:

  • All students have opportunities to acquire, analyze, and apply knowledge.
  • All students have opportunities to be creative.
  • All students have opportunities to engage in collaborative work.
  • All students have opportunities to engage in critical thinking.
  • All students have opportunities to engage in communication.

21st Century Student Learning Expectations:

Social / Civic:

  • Students will participate in curricular, extracurricular, and/or community activities to develop civic responsibility, personal growth, and overall well-being.


  • Students will express themselves in coherent, original, and creative forms using appropriate academic language.
  • Students will understand and utilize multiple forms of communication, both individually and collaboratively.
  • Students will demonstrate procedural fluency using critical thinking skills.
  • Students will read grade-level texts critically across disciplines for a broad acquisition of knowledge.