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Summer reading
Sean Otterspoor

The following work should be completed before you return to school. If your class does not have an assignment listed below, please check with your teacher or on Google Classroom.

2024 Band and Percussion

Per the SPS high school program of studies, participation in Westhill’s Competitive Travel Marching Band is REQUIRED for all students who are registered for the Concert Band or Percussion class. 

Band Camp runs from August 12th - 23rd from 8am-7pm and is a graded assignment for all students in the Concert Band or Percussion class.

If you would like to try Marching Band or Color Guard WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENT and WITHOUT REGISTERING FOR THE CLASS feel free to come rehearse with us and try it out at our Experience Nights on any or all of the following dates: MAY 28th, JUNE 3rd & 6th, JULY 22nd, 25th, 29th, AUGUST 1st, 5th, and 8th. Please come prepared with athletic clothing, water, and sneakers.

Please contact Ms. Roberts prior to August 8th to commit to your spot in the class. This allows time for materials to be ordered.

Westhill High School Concert Band and Percussion “Summer Work”:


2024 Computer Science Classes

  • Summer assignments for all computer classes can be found HERE.  


2024 English Classes

Main Requirement: Select ONE summer reading book.  The Google Doc provides some suggestions. Click on an image on the bookshelf or scroll down in the document to learn more about the books.





2024 Jazz Ensemble (Honors)



2024 Health and Physical Education



2024 Math


2024 Science



2024 Social Studies



2024 AP Spanish