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The Westhill Viking
Sean Otterspoor

Congrats on finishing another school year!  While I'm sure you've all diverted your attention to summer vacation, I wanted to remind you all of the opportunity to complete an Independent Study next year.  While the switch to a 7-period schedule greatly diminishes the time we have available to complete this program, as long as you are on track with your credits, this is still an option for you.


  • The program is for juniors (11) and seniors (12) in good academic standing, looking to complete a field of study either unavailable at Westhill or incompatible with your schedule
  • It is for CREDIT, not a grade - it cannot and will not impact your GPA
  • However, the benefit to your college application is significant
  • While I am the coordinator, you will need approval from your counselor and a teacher willing to be your sponsor.  The teacher is not responsible for teaching you anything - it is self-guided, though they may help you if necessary


Your decision to enroll must be made within the first few weeks of school, so be on the lookout for more information in the fall if you have not yet discussed this as an option with your counselor.  If you have any questions, you can email me or see me in Room 418 at the beginning of the year.


Happy Summer!

Ms. Taylor