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Driving Under the Influence Program/Simulation by the Stamford Fire Department
Sean Otterspoor

Presented by:

  • Keven O'Brien, Westhill class of 2009, Firefighter with the Stamford Fire Department
  • Irene Lazarus BSN, RN, CAISS, CCRN, Stamford Health Trauma Data Quality Coordinator
  • Nicole Velez BSN, RN, Stamford Health Trauma PI Coordinator
  • Joanne Kim, MHA, Healthcare Hero’s Program Coordinator
  1. Be informed
  2. Don't drive distracted
  3. Don't drive under the influence
  4. Make smart decisions
  5. Get home safe.

1. Be informed, 2. Don't drive distracted, 3. Don't drive under the influence, 4. Make smart decisions, 5. Get home safe.