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Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship

The Stamford Public Schools in partnership with the North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund is offering seniors who enroll in the General Construction - Emerging Technologies class the opportunity to earn credentials equating to the first year of a 4 year carpenter apprenticeship. The Pre-Apprenticeship includes the following:

  • Host visits to any of the carpenters training centers (Woodshop Fridays for Juniors)
  • Provide instruction and training to prepare participants to enter in the Carpenters Registered Apprenticeship Program
  • Involve employer and union partners in the assessment of applicants, delivery of training,and placing qualified graduates in industry-related employment and the carpenter union apprenticeship
  • Provide feedback on program components to ensure the needs of participants and align with industry standards
  • Students will be provided with the necessary tools for the first year, drug test fees, state registration fees and union initiation fees.
  • Students who meet eligibility requirements have the opportunity to transition into the work-based (co-op) portion of this program. The student will be able to work with one of the partner contractors, as a 1-year apprentice, at a rate of 45% of the journeymen wage as part of the Apprenticeship Program.
  • Upon graduation from High School and this program (both classes), the apprentice will be granted 1000 hours or (1-year credit) towards their 4-year Apprenticeship. This will amount to a participant earning an advancement up to a 2nd-year Apprentice, as specified in the Articulation Agreement, and command a wage of $19.56 and fringe benefits valued at $14.60 for a total compensation rate of $34.16 an hour. Next Adjustment anticipated for May 1, 2022

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