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Course Change Policy




Westhill Request of Course Change  Policy

  • Add/ drop period ends two weeks from the start of the semester; during this time, students may make course changes.
  • Students may not switch levels after quarter 1.  Exceptions may be made for students with IEPs, 504s, or SRBI recommendations.  Students newly arrived to Westhill may be exceptions.
  • Withdrawal from a course will result in a “W” if the withdrawal occurs after the first marking period in a semester course or after the first semester in a full-year course. 
  • If a student is failing a full-year elective, the student can switch after midterms to find a semester course.  Students in a semester course may not switch to a different semester course after the drop/add period of two weeks.
  • Grades follow students to the next course level regardless of drop time.
  • Grades are “as is,” except for a numeric grade less than 59. That grade becomes a 59 in the new course.
  • Grade weighting will be applied upon successful completion of the course and is reflected on the student's transcript.
  • No World Language course changes may be made without the approval of the World Language Department Head in consultation with the language teacher.
  • It is expected that all materials be returned to the teacher.
  • Courses that are taken beyond the graduation requirements are considered electives.


Type of Movement

When can a Move Happen?

How will a Student be Graded in the New Course?

What Content is the Student Responsible for in the New Course?

I. Add a course without dropping a previously scheduled course

See add/drop time frame.

All assignments graded

All course work (including any summer work). Students and teachers will develop a plan to catch up on work.

II. Drop a course without adding a new course

See add/drop time frame


III. Movement

To Course with Parallel Curriculum


For Full Year Course:

End of 1st Quarter

For Semester Courses which are graduation requirements:

End of 1st Quarter


End of 3rd Quarter

Grades follow from the previous class.


All material

IV. Movement to a Course Without a Parallel Curriculum

See add/drop time frame

At teacher discretion

Same as “add” a course