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Course Change Policy

2023-2024 Schedule Correction Request form

All schedule correction requests must be submitted electronically using this Google form.  Please complete the entire form below to request a schedule correction. DO NOT EMAIL YOUR COUNSELOR DIRECTLY. A request must be completed for each class that you would like changed. You are to attend and follow your original schedule until you receive an email from your counselor or PowerSchool is updated.  Elective changes ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Todas las solicitudes de cambio de horario deben enviarse electrónicamente mediante este formulario de Google. Complete el formulario completo a continuación para solicitar un cambio de horario. NO LE MANDE CORRERO A SU CONSEJERO. Se debe completar una solicitud para cada clase que le gustaría cambiar. Debe asistir y seguir su horario original hasta que reciba un correo electrónico de su consejero o PowerSchool se actualice. Cambios a electivos NO SE PERMITIDO.



Westhill Request of Course Change  Policy

  • Add/ drop period ends two weeks from the start of the semester; during this time, students may make course changes.
  • Students may not switch levels after quarter 1.  Exceptions may be made for students with IEPs, 504s, or SRBI recommendations.  Students newly arrived to Westhill may be exceptions.
  • Withdrawal from a course will result in a “W” if the withdrawal occurs after the first marking period in a semester course or after the first semester in a full-year course. 
  • If a student is failing a full-year elective, the student can switch after midterms to find a semester course.  Students in a semester course may not switch to a different semester course after the drop/add period of two weeks.
  • Grades follow students to the next course level regardless of drop time.
  • Grades are “as is,” except for a numeric grade less than 59. That grade becomes a 59 in the new course.
  • Grade weighting will be applied upon successful completion of the course and is reflected on the student's transcript.
  • No World Language course changes may be made without the approval of the World Language Department Head in consultation with the language teacher.
  • It is expected that all materials be returned to the teacher.
  • Courses that are taken beyond the graduation requirements are considered electives.


Type of Movement

When can a Move Happen?

How will a Student be Graded in the New Course?

What Content is the Student Responsible for in the New Course?

I. Add a course without dropping a previously scheduled course

See add/drop time frame.

All assignments graded

All course work (including any summer work). Students and teachers will develop a plan to catch up on work.

II. Drop a course without adding a new course

See add/drop time frame


III. Movement

To Course with Parallel Curriculum


For Full Year Course:

End of 1st Quarter

For Semester Courses which are graduation requirements:

End of 1st Quarter


End of 3rd Quarter

Grades follow from the previous class.


All material

IV. Movement to a Course Without a Parallel Curriculum

See add/drop time frame

At teacher discretion

Same as “add” a course