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NFT Club

Advisor: Mrs. Poyser

Student leader: Aarav Gupta,

The Club will meet on Tuesdays from 2: 15 PM - 3 PM  in Room 206

The first official club meeting will be Tuesday, April 19, 2022 

Introduction: In the current global market Digital assets like metaverse and NFTs are playing a big role in the digital economy, which is the future. Blockchain, once a concept, is currently dominating all business sectors like finance/insurance/logistics/trade and more. This club will focus on bringing students together to explore NFTs, distributed ledger, and blockchain to understand its application in society and the influence it has on the future economy.

Vision: Raising awareness through sharing the latest in NFT and blockchain. Working with Westhill ART / Music departments to catalog and convert Physical assets to digital assets(NFTs) educate students on how they can create and convert their digital assets like Pictures/music/videos / Sports events to NFTs.

Club Focus: Working on exploring technology, ethics, economy, Digital asset management, ART, Music ideas to develop NFT collection for Westhill High School in collaboration with students and different departments of the school. With possibilities of monetizing these digital collections in the future.