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The YMCA LEAD High School Program at Westhill

The YMCA LEAD High School Program at Westhill provides year-round college and career readiness training.

  • The group meets in Room 428 for up to two hours after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
  • All students are eligible, whether struggling, advanced, or just looking to improve.
  • Advisor: Drew Denbaum
  • Westhill LEAD Administrator and English teacher Drew Denbaum has created a unique curriculum based on Thinking Fast & Slow by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman to help LEAD students at Westhill improve their higher-order critical thinking skills. Other aspects of the LEAD Program include tutoring in all academic subjects, coaching to improve focusing and study skills, staff and peer group support, daily snacks, advanced placement preparation, fellowship with a diverse population of teens, and full YMCA membership, including swimming lessons. In 2018, the LEAD Program is designed to also include jobs skills workshops, college and career field trips and briefings, emotional intelligence training, leadership training, health and nutrition sessions, SAT/PSAT preparation, career networking and mentoring, opportunities for community service, and regular progress reviews.