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Code of Conduct

Westhill and Proud


Our School Code of Conduct has three main goals:

  1. To ensure the safety of staff and students.
  2. To create an environment conducive to learning.
  3. To educate and prepare students to be reflective and empathetic individuals.

Our School Code of Conduct is aligned with the Stamford Public Schools Policies and Regulations, specifically “Student Conduct” policy #5131R. Also, please note that this Code of Conduct extends to include any school related activities. Our School Code of Conduct is part of a philosophy of discipline based on the premise of educating students about appropriate behavior, recognizing and supporting appropriate behavior, having clear and predictable consequences that are applied consistently by staff, and making restitution and restoring relationships when misbehavior has occurred.

NOTE –In the event that a student is removed from class, to remain aligned with board policy the teacher is responsible for contacting home. The teacher must then fill in the Student Incident Report via Google Drive. Also, as the school year progresses, additional consequences may be added.

  1. Administrative Detention: 
    1. You may be assigned an administrative detention after school. The sole activity permitted during detention is silent study. Failure to complete a detention may result in an additional Administrative detention and possible Loss of Privileges/or Suspension.
  2. Loss of Privileges (LOP):
    1. As you advance through Westhill High School you may receive certain privileges. However, you will forfeit these privileges if you do not comply with school rules. Along with other privileges, students who violate the Westhill High School Code of Conduct may lose the privilege of participating in extracurricular activities, which may also include athletics participation. Please be aware that loss of privileges could be applied to any of the consequences for behavior.
    2. NOTE: You must maintain a satisfactory discipline, attendance, and academic record in order to retain privileges.
  3. Suspension (OSS): 
    1. According to Stamford Public School Policies and Regulations, a student may be suspended for up to ten days for "conduct on school grounds or at a school-sponsored activity that endangers persons or property, is seriously disruptive of the educational process, or that violates a publicized policy of the Board”. (See section entitled "Student Conduct" for information on your rights in regard to suspension). If you are suspended from school, you may not be on school grounds or attend any school function for any reason unless you have made prior arrangements with your grade level administrator. You and your parents must have a conference with your grade level administrator prior to your return to class after suspension. Please be aware that anytime a student is suspended or sent home an administrator will notify a parent/guardian.
    2. NOTE: You are not allowed to participate in any athletic practice session or games, any co-curricular practice, rehearsal or performance, or after-school activity while you are suspended.
  4. Exclusion: 
    1. The Board of Education has the right to expel any student where the Board of Education has cause to believe that the student engaged in “conduct on school grounds or at a school-sponsored activity that endangers persons or property, is seriously disruptive of the educational process, or that violates a publicized policy of the Board”. The Grade-Level Administrator and/or the Principal may recommend to the Board of Education that expulsion proceedings be initiated. The Board has the authority to expel a student for up to one year.
    2. Note: That school administrators reserve the right to search and seize aligned with SPS BOE Policy 5145 and 5145R. ALL DECISIONS ARE BASED ON DISCRETION OF WHS ADMINISTRATION.
    3. Note: Please be advised that certain violations of school rules and board policy may result in immediate administrative consequences outside of the Westhill High School Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct