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Code of Conduct

Westhill and Proud


Our School Code of Conduct has three main goals:

  1. To ensure the safety of staff and students.
  2. Create and maintain an environment conducive to learning
  3. To educate and prepare students to be reflective and empathetic individuals.

Our School Code of Conduct is aligned with the Stamford Public Schools Policies and Regulations, specifically “Student Conduct” policy #5131R. Also, please note that this Code of Conduct extends to include any school related activities.

Our School Code of Conduct is part of a philosophy of discipline based on the premise of educating students about appropriate behavior, recognizing and supporting appropriate behavior, having clear and predictable consequences that are applied consistently by staff, and making restitution and restoring relationships when misbehavior has occurred.

Read The Westhill High School Code of Conduct (Google Doc)