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The Westhill Eblast

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Kate Tobin

The following is an eblast Ms. Tobin puts out to Westhill families. If it was forwarded by a friend and you’d like to be added to the distribution list, email!

Parents, Guardians, Families, and our greater Westhill Community -


If this is your first eblast, welcome! I try to put these out monthly, and occasionally twice a month, to keep our whole Viking community connected. Please note -

  • If you need to unsubscribe, just reply with “unsubscribe” any time.

  • I will never respond to questions emailed to me that are already answered by this eblast. Please READ carefully.

  • If there’s a topic you’d like covered in a future blast, let me know!

  • Lastly, please do not email me with questions about an item if I am not the contact person listed below. Thank you!


HUNGRY for MORE INFO in general?


Please note that our WESTHILL WEBSITE is kept updated to-the-moment by Mr. Otterspoor,

And, the Daily School Announcements are now linked in Powerschool under Daily Bulletin. They are also posted on our @VikingsDean Instagram.

So check those out!




Live and in-person!

THIS Thursday, 9/22!

Pre-Open House PERFORMANCE! Marching Band Friends and Family Show at 5pm on the Softball Field (behind Westhill by the AgSci Building)!


Open House will begin promptly at 6:00pm in the auditorium with welcoming remarks from Principal Rinaldi. Upon conclusion of the welcome address, parents will follow their child’s schedule - 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B - to attend brief presentations by the Westhill faculty in each of their classes. JROTC Cadets will be available throughout the building to help in guiding parents from classroom to classroom.


TO VIEW THE FULL BELL SCHEDULE/CLASS ORDER for Open House, visit the Westhill Website.


*Parents can access their child’s schedule using the Parent Portal in PowerSchool. If you do not have access to Parent Portal please contact Giselle Robalino at or by calling 203.977.5532 for assistance.


If you’re coming to Open House…

…would you consider bringing gift cards to support the Backpack Program? (More info about the program further down in our eblast, but in short, it supports students experiencing food insecurity.) Preferably from ShopRite, in the amount of $25, but ANY grocery cards in ANY amount accepted, including “use it for whatever you want” cards like VISA gift cards, etc. Please turn in to the table in the main lobby at the start of Open House!

The yearbook is on EARLY BIRD SPECIAL

now through 10/28 for $65!


You also get 4 free icons to add to your name

if you personalize your cover!


10/29-1/27: Yearbook price goes up to $80,

and you can still personalize your cover but not for free!


1/28-on: Personalization is OVER, and Yearbook goes up to $100.


To order your yearbook TODAY, go to 

and click "Shop Your School" to get started.


If preferred, you can also bring cash or a check (payable to Westhill HS) to Open House and visit the Yearbook table in the main lobby from 5:30pm to 7pm ONLY.

Yearbook PORTRAITS/ID CARDS - Grades 9, 10, and 11




How do I view and order the photos of their cute 

little face?

The order form is available on our school website. Click here You will need their student ID number to view their pictures.. For discounted package pricing you must order by September 23rd.

Senior PORTRAITS! Grade 12





Is this you...


“My Viking didn’t TAKE a senior yearbook portrait yet.”


Well, the final senior portrait dates are here… but YOU must make an appointment to get your photo taken! See right →


Again, Senior Portraits are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! → 

Want to watch a video explaining Senior Yearbook Portraits? Here you go!


Hello Seniors! As you - should - know, senior yearbook portraits are VERY DIFFERENT than the photos grades 9, 10, and 11 take. Senior portrait appointments are 15 minutes long per senior, and we started taking the Class of 2023's portraits back in MAY!


Your remaining photo days are 10/13, 10/14, and 10/17 and THAT'S IT! 


You have to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for one of those dates, or you will NOT be in the yearbook, and you will NOT get a student ID. To make an appointment: go to, and then...

  • Click on "SENIORS."

  • Scroll down and click on the red "BOOK NOW!" button.

  • From the drop-down menu pick your Location (WESTHILL CAMERA 2).

  • Pick your session type. There are two types: 

"Yearbook Only" lets you take ONE free photo to be included in the yearbook (no other choices),

"Basic Senior Session" lets you take 6-7 photos for $35 that you will then be able to select from for your yearbook pose (and you can order more copies of any of those photos).

  • Then scroll down to the October dates and make your appointment!


Any issues, call Photography by Roman, at 203-922-8040, or see Ms. Tobin in 432 or Ms. Tintle in 405.



Is this you…


“Wait, how do I see and order my pictures???”

  • Go to:

  • Select “SENIORS”



  • Enter “Online Code” which is the student’s ID #

  • Enter “Email Address” that you want your receipt sent to

  • Select the pix you would like to purchase and proceed to checkout.







Is this you...


“I want to have a Senior Sibling photo in the Yearbook this year!”


It’s FREE to do so!


Do you HAVE a sibling who is a senior this year? If so, read the right → 

You must follow these directions. Any submissions that do not will be ignored, and will not appear in the yearbook -

1) Take a photo with you and all your Westhill siblings, PROVIDED at least one is a SENIOR. The photo should show your sibling relationship. You both play a sport? Put your jerseys on and hold your equipment, or take the photo of you playing against each other. You like each other? Hug. You fight all the time? Cross your arms, lean back-to-back, look grumpy.

2) Take the photo OUTSIDE with the beautiful September blue sky and fall foliage as a backdrop.

3) Do any light editing you need to do to your photo - cropping, punching up the color.

4) Send your photo (ONE photo, pick the best one!) to - as an ATTACHMENT - by 11:59pm on Friday, 9/30. Send it at the HIGHEST RESOLUTION your phone/camera allows.

Senior Dues

Senior Dues


Is this you…


“I am a senior.”

Welcome back SENIORS!


Be sure to check your email for information regarding SENIOR DUES, from Mrs. Grant and Ms. Leveille.


Senior Dues are $60*, and include:

Cap & gown,



If you would like to add a Hoodie, your dues would be $85*.


YEARBOOKS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN DUES PACKAGES THIS YEAR, and will need to be purchased separately.


*If you are experiencing financial hardship and need assistance with your dues please see your Class Advisors (Ms. Leveille - 307 or Mrs. Grant - 310) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


Senior Prom will be May 19th, 2023 at the Loading Dock in Stamford. Be on the lookout for upcoming details!



Is this you…


“My Viking uses a laptop at school, is there anything else I need to know/do?”

Parents need to complete the forms in the Parent Portal or their student will lose access to Google Classroom and they will not be permitted to use a school laptop. Forms can be found in the powerschool app or on the website:


Questions, contact Ms. Letson (Technology Integration Support Specialist) at, or Sean Otterspoor (Technology Professional Development Leader) at


***If you do not have access to the Parent Portal please contact Giselle Robalino at or by calling 203.977.5532 for assistance.

Students: GET YOUR FIT ON!

Are you a student? Do you want to work-out but don’t want to pay for a gym membership? Read on!

Fitness Center Intramurals - Starting Monday 9/12/22 the Fitness Center will be open to all students after school from 2:20-3:20 every Monday and Friday. Additional days may be added in a few weeks based on student interest. PE staff will be there to assist with fitness routines and equipment instruction. No experience is necessary - bring water, bring a friend and get fit! Questions, email Mrs. Quattrocchi - 

Keep our Yearbook staff MOTIVATED!

Yearbook is seeking the donation of a microwave, and “dorm fridge.” Gently used is fine! If anyone has any of those items and is looking to get rid of them, please email, or leave a message at 977-5891. Pick-up from anywhere in Stamford can be arranged!

Project Backpack

Project Backpack needs your help!

Project Backpack - exclusive to Westhill - asks teachers and families to pull together to help meet the basic needs of our students.  If you would like to donate items, please bring them to the main office and state that they are for Project Backpack – care of Mindy Midy. If you would like to donate money to purchase items, please make a Donors Choose gift card for Jennifer Migiano. She will be posting projects to benefit our students in need throughout the school year.

Westhill teachers and staff run Project Backpack.  This program works in conjunction with the Fill in the Blanks program.  Project Backpack is aimed at assisting the children in this school who are food-insecure to have the essentials all children need.  This includes, but is not limited to: school supplies, toiletries, snacks, and, grocery store gift cards.  If you would ever like to assist or contribute to this program, you can always do so!  We welcome parent and community support.  You can either donate directly to the school or via the Donors Choose website.

For Donations directly to the school please reach out to:

 Mindy Midy or

Giselle Robalino 

For Donations for the Project Backpack program via the Donors Choose Website, please visit the Donors Choose site directly or reach out to:  Jennifer Migiano 

If you choose to donate via the Donors Choose website, and have employee matching from your company.  Please see this link for more information:

How to sign your child up for the Backpack program:

FREE WEEKEND FOOD for your child available through Filling in the Blanks!

Free Weekend Food for your child delivered directly to the school.  Use the link Free Weekend Food to register your child.  If you have questions please contact Luca Palombo: 


How to donate on the Donors Choose Website & Items the kids are currently in need of:

When visiting the Donors Choose website first search “Westhill high school” and then find projects posted by Dr. Jennifer Migiano/Mindy Midy.  Every project for the children in project backpack will have the Project backpack in the title.  The links below are the current projects posted on Donors Choose. 

Project Backpack needs currently posted on the Donors Choose website:

Project Backpack: feminine care

Project Backpack: school planners and a snack

Project Backpack: toiletries

Project Backpack: school supplies

Project Backpack: minty fresh breath

Here is a quick video (less than 7 minutes) of how to maximize funds to projects and reduce funds that go to Donors Choose overhead.

How to maximize funds to projects when donating to Donors Choose

Also, we do not have a project posted on the website for clothes, but we are in need of adult sizes (s-xl) sweatpants and leggings for both boys and girls.  Please no junior/boys sizes as we have enough, and are very limited in our space.


Do you have old coffee table books? Magazines? Newspapers?

Art classes needs discarded books of this nature:

*hardcover NO PAPERBACKS

*8x10 and larger

*those coffee table books collecting dust you stopped putting out/outdated textbooks

As well as newspaper, and magazines.

Please drop off to the main office, and let them know it’s for the Art department!

In our future issues…


Is this you…


“I can’t wait for more info!”

How to register for AP Exams!



And lastly, the counseling department would you like to consider keeping up with them  on Instagram, @westhillcounselors




Kate (Ms. Tobin, for student folk)


English Teacher

Class of 2021 & Yearbook Advisor

SEA Secretary & Newsletter Publisher


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